Our Philosophy

A proper education is essential for personal and professional development anywhere around the world. Inequality in education often stems from lack of opportunities and resources, thus preventing children from reaching their full potential. Surge Sight aims to improve the inadequate rural educational facilities of third world countries by providing resources and offering technology classes crucial to development in the modern era.

Meet the Team

We're a team of college students and high schoolers dedicated to helping children grow and achieve the extent of their capabilities.

Kelcie Khinthi

Founder & President

Columbia University '22

Where my journey began...

Growing up, I heard many stories about the appalling conditions that children in the industrial and rural areas of Myanmar lived in. But it wasn't until I actually traveled there that those fragments finally came together to create a picture of reality.

I'm Burmese, but I've been culturally invested within American society since my early teens. I grew up with a mix of two different, unique cultures--one developed, powerful, and rooted in opportunity, and the other developing, struggling, with significant class divisions. During my last visit to Myanmar, my mother country, a country whose economy has deteriorated even after opening its doors to the global market, I went on a long road trip with my aunt, traveling to two of the most populated cities: Yangon and Mandalay. Despite being situated between two prosperous cities, the rural areas are neglected and impoverished. Most of the people in the area live in straw huts surrounded by flooded mud fields; there are almost no concrete buildings, save for a lone monastery on the side of a road. We rested there, planning to wait until the rain subsided.

In those two hours, I saw children, dressed in green and white uniforms, studiously learning in the monastery despite the leaking roof and the unfinished walls. It was horrifying, for someone who had only grown up in pleasant, comfortable learning and living conditions. It was then that I realized how privileged I was, and I was determined to use that privilege to help others.

Htet Oo Hlaing

Media Staff

UCLA '21

Kevin Lin

Media Staff

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