Current and Upcoming Projects


  • 2400 textbooks
  • 2600 pencils
  • 300 erasers
  • 900 rulers
  • 1 Lenovo laptop

Computer Sessions

Computer literacy is incredibly important for professional development. We hope to improve the problem by hosting computer sessions to acquaint students with Microsoft Office.

School bus classrooms

To combat the problem of limited classrooms and money, we're excited to introduce the idea of school bus classrooms, with classes held in renovated buses. This increases the amount of classrooms, allowing schools to expand.

Cultural & Educational Enrichment Project

This December, Surge Sight will be welcoming 10 American college students for a 7-10 day volunteer-trip of Myanmar, touring the major cities of Yangon and Bagan. In addition to sightseeing and exploring Burmese culture, this program will include multiple hands-on activities such as setting up classrooms for underfunded village schools and pottery making workshops. At the same time, we will run events with local students, facilitating integration and interaction through collaboration. For more information please check out the Cultural and Educational Enrichment Project page.


Get Involved

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